• Evaluation, Application, Repair and Maintenance

    Defected concrete due poor manwork quality, error, or other cause may result in lesser performance of the whole structure/ building.  Services not only offer application of repair processes but also evaluation to completely solve the problems. Services include:

    • Product application, with injection,
    • mortar patching, grouting
    • resurfacing,
    • concrete replacement
     Roof test after
    crack repair
     Crack repair injection
  • Evaluation, Analysis and Application

    The Merguss Strengthening System was developed as a cost effective alternate to convensional strengthening techniques such as steel plate bonding, steel jacket, section enlargement, and other techniques. The Merguss Strengthening System can be installed quickly and easily on slab, columns or beams, and in areas with limited access. The system has been used  and tested for increasing the flexural capacity of beam, slabs and columns, the shear capacity of beams, columns and walls and the ductility of columns. 

    Increase in flexural capacity are achieved by bonding the system to the tension face of a member in bending. Shear capacity may be improved by wrapping the system transversely around a member or oreanting fibers perpendicular to potential shear cracks. The ductility of columns may be enhanced by confining the column by wrapping the system completely around the column in the hoop direction.

  • Evaluation, Test of Concrete

    Testing, analysis, and evaluation of concrete structures is necessary to determine performance of a structure.  The evaluation shall be performed:

    • If certain symptoms of defect occur such as, cracks, delamination, porous concrete, corrosion, leakage etc.
    • Due to building age,  old building may suffer disintegration process

    Evaluation and analysis service may include:

    • Hardened concrete tests, hammer test, covermeter
    • Carbonation test to measure rate of carbonation in concrete.
    • Infra-red scanning
    • Analysis
    • Technical recommendation including structure strengthening
  • Application, Repair and Maintenance

    Floor protection product and system gives protections to floor subject to certain exposure condition which can damage or shorten life of concrete floor.  These exposures can inclued high abrasive condition, concentrated live load or heavy impact, vehicle traffic, or chemical.  Services render from:

    • Selection of right product for right purposesto installation of product to ensure good quality.
    • Repair and maintenance of defected floor, product re-application
  • Application, Repair and Maintenance

    A correct and reliable waterproofing system is very important to get a safe and comfortable environment in a building or other facilities. Waterproofing services include:

    • Installation of waterproofing membrane sheet using torch equipment.
    • Waterproofing with self-adhesive installation in correct procedure to provide good results.
    • Installation of waterproofing- coating

    Services also covered repair and maintenance of

    • Leakage
    • Waterproof replacement, recoating
    • Repair of defect concrete (cracks or porous )

  • Application, Repair and Maintenance

    Mortar grout product with hight quality product  is used to connecting between upper and lower structures, grouting bridge bearings, machine sole plates, rail plate anchor bolts and other equipments involving vibratory conditions  include:

    • Installation of grouting   using  equipment.
    • Repair structure with grouting repair product and supporting material..
    • Garanty Product and Application