About Us

Multi Eraguna Usaha, PT. or Mergusa Chemie, our business of high quality construction- chemical products offers our customers flexibility and reliability. We produce products for use in market of civil engineering construction. Services also offered to our customers ranging from product-installation to repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation of structure including investigation, evaluation and structure analysis as a total solution.

Mergusa offers complete range of products include concrete admixtures, mortars/ repair mortar, floor adhesives, coating material, with emphasize in waterproofing products.

During the year of 1980, a rapid growth of construction sectors in Indonesia gives a wide and promising market of concrete chemical products. On 31 May 1989 it was agreed to form a new company with the name of PT. Multi Eraguna Usaha or known as Mergusa Chemie.

Mergusa Chemie own and operate his own factory in Pasar Kemis Industrial Estate, Tangerang.

Several representatives' offices in Java, and Sumatera support the market. As a chemical company focused in manufactured, sale, and application of its product. Mergusa Chemie offers products with suitable technologies supported by resources, personnel, and continuous services.

The business serves its customers in two essential markets:

  • Construction market: we offer wide range of products to serve customers in large construction projects such as building, industrial facilities, housing etc.
  • General consumers market- retail: we offer specific products for more specified purposes, which will help and ease apply consumers. 

Twenty one distribution offices of Penta Valent throughout Indonesia serve the distribution of products for consumers in retail market.

Growth of new technologies as well as consumers demands, drive the company to develop extensive cooperation with other principals:

  1. Burke by Edoco - United States of America
  2. Pagel Spezial - Beton GmbH & CoKG - Germany
  3. Bostik Findley. - United Kingdom
  4. Novaglass S.R.L - Italy
  5. Atlas Industries Sdn. Berhad - Malaysia
  6. Duochem - Canada
  7. S&P Clever Reinfocement Company AG - Switzerland